HOW ORIGINAL IS THAT? Today, May 1st, the company Searching For A Song To Sing launches a unique internet singing competition designed to conclude in six months, on October 31st. The aim is to attract aspiring singers from across the United States and from other parts of the world to compete by offering their renditions of original songs written and composed by Steve Manis and Mathieu Serradell. This is not a site for the tried and true. Here singers will discover songs that are right for them. Among them is a vast eclectic mix, ranging from country and folk through pop and bossa nova to ballads and Broadway! We are not looking for copy cats; we are expecting, among the submissions, some breakout performances.


The aim is to produce a compilation album, tentatively titled “Eclectic Explorations,” promoting a variety of artists on a single CD. Several of the singers will be recruited and paid to sing a specific song. The remainder, at least six and possibly so many as ten or twelve songs, will represent the part of the competition open to all comers irrespective of age, gender, or geographic location. Each song in the competition will be judged to determine the best rendition. The person who sings the best version of each song will be paid $5,000. Singers are not precluded from winning more than once, on different songs. Payments will be made within 30 days of the announcement of each winner.

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