This singing competition is, in essence, a casting call designed to attract many “unsung” singers and produce multiple $5,000 winners.
Over $50,000 Will Be Split Among A Dozen Singers!

Like honey to the hive, singers attracted to this competition will discover a nurturing atmosphere which allows them to further network and grow their talents. Among them, a select few will, undoubtedly, produce breakout performances which will earn each of them $5,000 per “best rendition” of between 6 and 10 or 12 original songs written and composed by Steve Manis and Mathieu Serradell.

Terms of the Competition

Searching For A Song To Sing is a singing competition which is open to all ages and any nationality. The competition is aiming to conclude by a fixed date a few days later than six months away: October 31, 2014. However, that is contingent upon all the original songs in the competition having been written and composed by September 30th. Currently, close to 10 songs have been written by Steven Manis and composed by Mathieu Serradell. The ultimate aim is to produce a compilation CD. Please note that between 6 and 10 or 12 songs will be in the competition. A few of the songs on the CD will be performed by singers specifically recruited and paid to sing on the album. Those songs will not be in the competition.

More than US $50,000 will be split among around a dozen singers of the songs on the CD. The singer of the rendition judged to be the best for each song in the competition will receive US $5,000. That $5,000 represents a guaranteed advance on singer competitive royalty rates. Further earnings can accrue to the singer at the point at which the portion of the income from the song—relating to singer competitive royalty rates—surpasses the $5,000 advance. Those further earnings will continue to be based on singer competitive royalty rates. (Full payments of $5,000 each will be made within 30 days of the announcement of each winning rendition.) Please note that, in addition to being a singing competition, Searching For A Song To Sing is also a company and that company, as a result of the competition, will own each winning song rendition. Also note that royalties will have to be paid to Searching For A Song To Sing by any non-winning rendition of songs written by Steven Manis and Mathieu Serradell if the singing of those songs generates any type of income for the singers.

Judging panel will consist initially of Steven Manis, Mathieu Serradell and Michelle Lobry, but provisions have been made to possibly include other guest judges.

Winning Song Renditions Will Be Assembled Into A Compilation CD Tentatively Titled: “Eclectic Explorations”

The best rendition of each song will, then, become a part of a 12-14 song album, in the form of a CD to be produced and “dropped” sometime in the future. A few of the songs on that CD will be performed by singers specifically recruited to sing on the “album.” They will be paid to sing songs which they alone sing—songs which are not in the singing competition.

The person who sings the best version of each song will be paid $5,000. Singers are not precluded from winning more than once, on different songs. Payments will be made, in full, within 30 days of the announcement of each winner. It should be noted, however, that Searching For A Song To Sing reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to include on the CD the prize-winning rendition of any given song. In such a case, an in-studio recording may be required or a different singer may be recruited to sing the song for the CD. A rare possibility would be that the song might not be included on the CD at all.

How Original Is That?  You’ll Be Singing Original Songs!

This is not a site for the tried and true…Here you’ll discover the songs that are right for you. Among them is a vast eclectic mix…ranging from country and folk through pop and bossa nova to ballads and Broadway! Choose your genre and style and go for it. By that we mean for you to fully pour your heart into your musical creations and make them your own. Here we are not looking for copy cats; when we serve up a song to you we expect you to return to us your creative “take” on it!

Don’t Just Be Onlookers

Those of you not submitting singing renditions play a part in the process, too.   By voting, you will be pushing your favorites into the “Audience’s Top Three,” which is a way of making sure that the judges don’t overlook giving them serious consideration. Also, devote some time providing feedback (‘constructive criticism’) in the “Comments” section.

Hidden Meanings

Many performers prefer that the listener interpret their songs’ meanings for themselves. Similarly, our website allows you to form your own first impressions of the meaning of each song. However, if you would like to also delve into the lyricist’s “Hidden Meanings” for various songs, please sign up for an e-mail link which allows you to dig into his inner thoughts. As a teaser of what “Hidden Meanings” likely will reveal, for our first song, “Righting A Wrong,” there will be no need for you sign up— “Hidden Meanings” for “Righting A Wrong” is available for all website visitors to see.